About Us

About Us

We, at ADVANCED LEARNING ACADEMY, have over 10 years of experience in providing a complete spectrum of educational courses and programmes to students from India and Abroad. Our institution took its current form and name in 2010, but we have been providing top-grade educational services as a group almost a decade before that. From PG programmes in the disciplines of Engineering and Management to UG programmes in various fields to Advanced Computer Studies and Secondary programmes, we have you covered at every stage. All our programmes are regularly updated with the latest developments in curriculum and technology. Many of our courses are geared towards the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

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At ADVANCED LEARNING ACADEMY, we have developed an approach to education focused on what matters. This includes entrepreneurship, employability, true learning, and globalism. Once a student completes a programme with us, they are ready for higher education or for performing in the New Economy. At our academy, education is much more than growing specialized knowledge. It is also about developing the intellectual abilities of the student and instilling them with moral, social, and ethical values. When students complete our programmes and walk out for greater pursuits, we want them to carry our name in the knowledge, skills, and deeds they disseminate into this world. Our educators are specialized in the identification and training of different levels of leadership. We have created a conducive and healthy academic environment to develop positive relationships between the students and faculty. This goes a long way in enhancing and securing unimaginable learning outcomes. Besides developing the environment for learning, we always make the effort to maintain an atmosphere that inspires the joy of learning.

Our Vision

At ADVANCED LEARNING ACADEMY, our mission is to create and provide a learning environment that meets or exceeds global educational standards. This inspires our students to deliver their best and excel in their educational pursuits.

Our Mission

We have completed over two decades of process of empowering creative minds. Our vision is to develop the intellectual abilities, social, ethical, and moral values of all our students to transform them into global citizens.

Our Offering

At ADVANCED LEARNING ACADEMY, we have a world of learning opportunities for students that seek to pursue education in different fields and at different levels. We provide several disciplines and levels of educational courses and programmes for students of different ages and interests.

Trusted Name in Education

Today, ADVANCED LEARNING ACADEMY is a trusted name in the world of education. We have students and footprints from all over the world. We take pride in being an institution that has delivered on industry demands for talent for over two decades. Our institution, educational programmes, and learning environment are always growing to make positive changes to maintain this flow of talent. Our students learn in a unique environment that combines freedom, discipline, and responsibility. Research, out-of-the-box thinking, and encouragement to entrepreneurial approach are just a few of the approaches that make a difference in our unique learning environment. ADVANCED LEARNING ACADEMY has 20 years of excellence in education at all levels and in multiple disciplines. Having built a legacy of high standards of academic excellence and the creation of innovative thinkers, we strive to pursue our ever-evolving goals.

Where Quality Education Meets Moral & Social Values

The service industry, corporate world, and a world of other organizations value the students from our academy to join them!

Our Core Values

As an educational institution, there are many attributes and characteristics that define our core values and make us stand out from the crowd.


We use creativity and a sense of duty to society to educate our students to help them achieve their best in their careers and life.


The process of education follows a holistic approach to learning.

Forward Thinking

Our programme development and learning process are innovative, proactive, industry-focused, and agile to be future-ready.

Nurturing Environment

We provide a caring and collaborative learning atmosphere with supportive educators, staff, and students.

Placement Assistance

Our training institution takes pride in stating it’s a wide and consistent role in the placement drive of students.